The Abandoned Bärenquelle Brewery in Berlin

This abandoned brewery stoically holds a bit of heartbroken nostalgia, mixed with creepiness and danger. In the spirit of Friday the 13th, a little bit of suspense and darkness and walls smeared with bl– red paint.

History of the Bärenquelle Brewery

It was founded in 1882 and expanded considerably in 1898 when it was purchased by the Schultheiss Corporation (they have a well-known and well-liked line of beers to this day in Germany). On April 1, 1994 beer production came to a hault. There have been a few rumours of the plot being turned into a business park of sorts, but it still stands empty – housing the odd rave party, troupe of homeless, or unrestelss spirits.




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More Street Art in Friedrichshain, Berlin

I’m happy in my new flat that’s on the edge of Berlin – but helping a friend move in Friedrichshain on the weekend did give my heart a little pang … the avant garde culture, the street art everywhere, the independant anarchists, the junkies scratching themselves and staring with empty eyes into another dimension…. ah, the environment is unforgettable!

Anyways – here’s one thing I do miss about Friedrichshain: the art everywhere!

Reminds me of Jack Nicholson in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”


Angela Merkel’s head (German chancellor)

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“Before the colors fade” in the WFTW Berlin International Radio


A couple colleagues and friends are part of this radio show and I was honored to be given the chance to be the week’s guest. Continue reading

The gift of giving

Me and Leo having fun in a Berliner park in summertime.
I have a drummer for my band. He’s five years old, but quite talented. Here’s the song I wrote for him.

man jita, jag jita.

in sanskrit, this means something like ‘conquer your mind, conquer the world‘. it’s been my mantra for over a decade, my guiding principle and my one gentle, comforting reminder. stress? harrassment? unkindness? there is no such thing – just one’s perception of an action or a deed. and of course, the memories of the event that one carries throughout time. i must remember that everything – everyone – is a gift. it must be accepted (or can also be rejected peacefully)… but gifts keep going. they are alive, as the land and the water is. a gift must keep moving, for its nature is just that – life. it moves, and it gathers the thoughts and touch and character of the one whose hands hold it for a time.

my time on this earth is very precious. and lately i’ve been using it for transformation. getting a new flat tomorrow (or “atelier/artist’s studio” as i think of it), transforming observations into music/teachings/poetry, and transforming pain into understanding, then understanding into medicine. turning a stranger into a friend. turning visciousness into respect. i am more of a wolf than an eagle in this regard, i guess. Continue reading

Say what? (Freestyle slam poety, speaking the truth)

So I’ve been having a really hard time keeping my mouth shut lately. Like my dear friend E. in England, I open my mouth when I see something that ain’t right. Or like the ‘coloured youth who make hip-hop‘ (I personally think that words defy boundaries of space and time, they bridge the divide between race and rhyme)… And yeah, this is exactly what I did that night. There wasn’t a scene or a squabble or a fight…. this was just me, you know, speaking my mind.

[It was after an Atmosphere concert in Berlin 2014… there’s certainly more to that story involving weapons, drugs and deceit…. but for now, this blog will stay clean. Keep your eyes peeled for the memoir I keep talking about writing! Hahaha. Anyways, this girl was complaining loudly and swearing and spreading her negativity… I didn’t think that was cool after so much love and goodness! Everyone in the foyer noticed it, and so I stood up to speak my mind. Like a scene from a film, this is what I just started to do, everyone’s eyes on the two of us and her face drops in shock and she recoiled in disgust…]

hey – i said hey,
do you think it can wait?
this ain’t the place
to be spewing your hate
tonight as you know
was a hell of a show
and i think you and your
negativity should go.

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